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Valery Zinchenko comments on article "Smolny has exacted 289 million roubles for "Saint-Petersburg Arena" from "Inzhtransstroy". "", 17 July 2018

The Arbitration Tribunal of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region has satisfied claims of the Committee on Construction  to the ex-contractor of the stadium on the Isle of Krestovsky the "Inzhtransstroy-SPb" company, and exacted 289,5 million roubles. The reason was non-fulfilment of obligations to supply high-tech equipment. 

Thus, the general contractor of the stadium received money from the Committee on Construction but didn't supply the equipment. The "Inzhtransstroy SPb" tried to make a purchase through the company sub-contractor "SEM-5", but it didn't fulfil its obligations. The "Transstroy" exacted money from the sub-contractor through the court of law, but refused to transfer money to the Committee. The latter submitted a financial claim. The construction company tried to prove that the equipment had been delivered, but having examined numerous volumes of the case the court passed a decision in favour of Smolny. 

"Along with the victories connected with confirmation in the court of law of the legitimacy of the city's refusal from the former general constructor and its inclusion in the register of unscrupulous suppliers, the juridical battle around the stadium has reached an important stage: the first dispute about money has been won. Consideration of the further claims of the city to the former general constructor on the total sum of at least 3.6 billion is next on the agenda", – said on 17 July Valery Zinchenko, managing partner of attorneys at law Pen & Paper which has been defending interests of Saint-Petersburg. 

The "Inzhtransstroy SPb" failed to achieve reconsideration of the judicial decision to terminate the contract to build the stadium "Saint-Petersburg". The "Fontanka" has been describing the conflict between the builders and the state officials in detail. Smolny is simultaneously involved in separate lawsuits against three structures of the holding "Transstroy" about three different contracts. Along with ₽3.6 billion claimed by the city from the "Inzhtransstroy-SPb" and the JSC "Corporation "Transstroy", there is a case on the contract with the JSC "Inzhtransstroy" for ₽12.54 billion. For their part, the strictures of the "Transstroy" brought in two lawsuits against the client for ₽750 million and ₽212 million on the fact of unpaid works. The city parted with the contractors of the stadium in July 2016. The same summer the key object was occupied by the "Metrostroy".