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Viktor Gutov

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Viktor deals with special projects associated with countering hostile takeovers, protecting property rights and managing criminal risks.

Viktor specialises in criminal law and the investigation of economic criminal activity. He conducts economic and legal analyses of conflict situations and plans legal and organisational measures related to major projects. He represents the interests of corporations in their cooperation with supervisory and law-enforcement agencies, including issues relating to criminal law, the legal provision of business security, internal corporate investigations and criminal due diligence.

From 1975 to 1990, Viktor worked in organisations of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, divisions of the Department for Combating Speculation and Embezzlement of Socialist Property and criminal investigation divisions. After finishing this work, he established his own private legal practice, where, among other things, he gave legal support to major industrial associations and state-run institutions (Russian Diesel, the Petrodvorets Watch Factory, the Leningrad Steel Rolling Works, NPO (Research and Production Association) Keramika, Sovmortrans, the State Hermitage and others). From 2002 to 2008 he managed the economic and legal development department at Ilim Pulp Enterprise, and took part in the resolution of a corporate dispute with the company Basic Element concerning rights to the Bratsky, Ust-Ilimsky and Kotlasskiy pulp and paper works.

Viktor was involved in resolving a conflict between the Finnish company Containerships and Direktsiya KZS Rosstroya (Directorate of Rosstroy Complex of Protective Facilities) and in resolving a dispute involving the shareholders of the Lenta hypermarket chain.

Viktor Gutov


Economics Faculty of the Leningrad Forestry Engineering Academy, Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic


  • Compensating the damage caused to clients by the unlawful actions of counterparties.
  • Initiating and working on criminal prosecution relating to economic crime.
  • Terminating unfounded criminal prosecution.

Specialist areas

  • Conducting economic and legal analyses of conflict situations and planning legal and organisational measures related to major projects.
  • Cooperating with the authorities and law-enforcement agencies on suppressing unlawful encroachments of property rights, and responding to breaches of the law.
  • Searching for and presenting suitable evidence in criminal and civil cases arising from economic relations. Protecting company assets using a combination of resources and capabilities of criminal and civil-law practices. 
  • Forensics.