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The Team

Andrey Lokis

Advocate. Special Сounsel on Tax Issues  |  vCard

Specialist in tax law, including methodological issues. He specialises in issues related to the legal application of legislative provisions on taxes and duties. He has extensive experience in arbitration court proceedings on tax disputes. He represents the interests of taxpayers (consolidated groups) and corporations with regulatory (fiscal) agencies, including the appropriate expenditure of budget funds and the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the payment of taxes and duties. He has represented the interests of well-known taxpayers, including regional taxpayers, at the structural (territorial) divisions of the tax authorities and treasury, as well as in arbitration courts, including regional courts.

He has extensive experience in the performance (participation in tax control measures) and processing of the results of tax audits conducted of major taxpayers, including companies that are part of consolidated groups of taxpayers.

Andrey Lokis


Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Law

Specialist areas

  • analysis of tax risks arising from the tax optimisation of financial and business activity by taxpayers;
  • analysis of business transactions, including cross-border transactions, from the perspective of compliance with legislation on taxes and duties;
  • representation of the interests of taxpayers during audits being conducted by the fiscal authorities (field, desk, repeat and unscheduled audits, etc.), and also in courts on tax issues;
  • diagnostics of the receipt by taxpayers of tax benefits (VAT, corporate profits tax, etc.), assessing whether the receipt of the benefit was substantiated, inter alia, in respect of import-export transactions, with due account of the official position of the fiscal authorities and existing judicial practice;
  • diagnostic assessments as to whether business transactions declared by taxpayers have any economic substance (business purpose), with due account of the actual circumstances of the performance of the transactions, thereby making it possible to draw up in advance an objective conclusion as to whether the tax benefit received by the taxpayer is substantiated/unsubstantiated in the event of any tax audits;