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Areas of Practice

Dispute Resolution

All the lawyers at the practice have several years’ experience in judicial proceedings involving various types of cases. One particular aspect of the practice is its comprehensive approach to legal assistance in the resolution of judicial disputes. This covers not only the preparation of procedural documentation and representation in court hearings, but also includes predicting how the opposition will act during and after judicial proceedings, formulating appropriate counterclaims, forming a judicial strategy to cover all current and potential judicial disputes to ensure cooperation and developing tactics when involved in particular judicial processes and intensive preparation for them.

The practice’s main area of activity is representing clients in courts of arbitration in the following types of cases:

  • corporate disputes;
  • insolvency cases;
  • disputes related to property and securities;
  • disputes which are of considerable financial importance for clients, or are important to them for other subjective reasons;
  • disputes relating to industry-specific legislation, including the healthcare, environmental and energy sectors;
  • disputes containing a foreign element and disputes requiring research into other country’s legislation;
  • disputes against public authorities, including challenges of non-regulatory  acts.

The practice also provides legal assistance to clients during mediation. This involves striving to achieve the best outcome by finding common ground in negotiations between disputing parties which correspond to the aspects of the dispute itself, and the disputing parties’ individual criteria.