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Yekaterina Tyagay commented on the domestic violence bill

Disputes around the bill on domestic violence prevention, one of the authors of which is Oksana Pushkina, continue. Coordinator of Sorok Sorokov orthodox movement Andrey Kormukhin also expressed his opinion on the matter. He claimed that he opposes violence in any form. But he doesn't like the bill itself, as in case of its adoption Russia may face serious issues. The origins of the proposed bill may be found in the Istanbul Convention, which actually rather addresses gender equality, not domestic violence. According to Kormukhin, our society has a wrong understanding of what gender equality is. It isn't equality between men and women, but rather between all social genders. There are 58 of them recognized in the world. So by signing this bill Russia will be obliged to recognize all the 58 genders.

The adoption of the bill is likely to be followed by the lifting of the ban of homosexuality propaganda among minors. And, as a result, pride marches and same-sex marriages will become legal. At the same time a marriage is defined as a union of a man and a woman for the purpose of child-bearing. Besides, Andrey Kormukhin thinks that in order to stop violence, one has to fight its causes and not its effects. And by setting domestic violence apart as a separate category of violence, the state interferes in the family. And, as a result, the family gets a supervisor.

Oksana Pushkina’s lawyer Yekaterina Tyagay is radically opposed to this opinion. For a start, the advocate expressed her regret as to the fact that such passionate leaders as Andrey Kormukhin are followed by many unprepared people. Those who are laymen at law and family law, in particular. Yekaterina also mentions that there are people who raise the subject of domestic violence, which is extremely sensitive for our society. There are statistics of domestic violence, and they are shocking numbers which no one can deny. Including Andrey Kormukhin himself.

His attempt to interpret the striving to protect victims of domestic violence with this bill as influence of foreign states or something like that is a sign of fear. The fear, for instance, that the saying “Beating your wife is a sign of love” will become irrelevant in our society. The lawyer also said that victims of domestic violence are often incapable of leaving their tyrants. Because they are scared, they have nowhere to go, they fear losing their children, etc.

Besides, Yekaterina Tyagay explained that in case the bill is adopted no one will be able to, for instance, deprive a man of his property or kick him out of his own apartment. This bill has a completely different focus. It is supposed to facilitate settlement of conflicts and keep the family together. With the help of psychological support, for instance. If it’s impossible to preserve the family, then a divorce will be considered, etc. Property disputes in this case are regulated by a completely different bill.

Snezhana Sintsova