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Statements made by Konstantin Dobrynin to the article ‘A Candidate from the Titov’s List’: ‘What do you want, Vladimir Stepanovich? – To Kill You’.’ 47 news, 4 December 2018

The only candidate from the ‘Titov’s list’ representing the Leningrad Region can now also rely on the attention of the top Moscow security officials. However, in addition to the economy, he has other errors. The 47news asked how effective the obscene institution was.

A major player in the pharmaceutical market and the inventor of the Bifidok, Boris Weinstock, was taken into custody by default and put on the international wanted list. This was reported by the Kommersant on December 3. At the behest of journalists of the he was offered help in the office of business ombudsman Boris Titov.

‘We are waiting for the appeal, and using the opportunities, through the media, we urge to officially submit the appeal to Boris Titov via the website. It will take no more than a few minutes,’ said on air Alexander Huruji, a public ombudsman for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in custody.

A few days before it became known that 69-year-old entrepreneur Vladimir Artyushin could count on Titov’s help. He became the only businessman from the Leningrad region who may be included in the second list of Titov.

It is to be recalled that for the first time the Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs, Boris Titov, handed over a list of businessmen who flee from the Russian justice to Vladimir Putin in February 2018 after meeting with the entrepreneurs in London. According to the ombudsman’s plan, in exchange for a preventive measure, not related to detention, the persecuted businessmen should begin to work with the prosecution.

Dmitry Grigoriadi, the Public Representative of the Presidential Commissioner for Extradition, Deportation, Federal and International Investigation, assured the 47news of Vladimir Artyushin being the only resident of Saint Petersburg among the candidates on the list.

‘His appeal was received several months ago, the whereabouts of the businessman established, the arguments considered. If he gets on the list, he can expect that his case will be considered not at the regional level, but at the level of the top management of the prosecutor’s office and the investigative authority,’ Grigoriadi explained.

Note that willingness to cooperate with the investigation does not imply automatic recognition of guilt.

‘To cooperate with the investigation in order to establish procedural truth,’ Grigoriadi specified the opportunities of the businessmen.

However, the expert, did not dwell on where Artyushin was and what he argued, but clarified that he was in direct contact with the entrepreneur.

It is noteworthy that, being on the federal wanted list, Artyushin did not forget to sue. On December 18, the 13th Arbitration Court will consider his complaint against the decision of the Saint Petersburg Arbitration of October 4. Acting as an individual entrepreneur, the plaintiff tried to win a payout from the cooperative Berezki located at the Southern Highway at the entrance to the Koltushsky Highway in the Vsevolozhsk district, 7 million rubles of unjustified, in his opinion, enrichment from the use of land. Artyushin filed a lawsuit through his proxy.

‘After analyzing the evidence presented in the case file, the court arrives at the conclusion that the entrepreneur’s behavior was dishonest,’ the court’s decision on Artyushin runs. The lawsuit was denied.

The interest of a runaway entrepreneur in the Berezki is understandable. The conflict arose when he was the chairman of the cooperative. And then the businessman left Russia.

According to the 47news, on April 19, 2016, Vsevolozhsk Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affaris initiated a criminal case on fraud on a large scale against an unidentified person. According to the investigators, from 2011 to 2015, an unknown person representing the management of the cooperative Berezki collected 4.4 million rubles from members of the cooperative for connection to water, gas and electricity, but did not fulfill its obligations, and then excluded deceived people from the cooperative. Vladimir Artyushin was named in the case as a suspect. He left the country at the end of 2017 before being charged.

In addition, in April 2016, a criminal libel case was initiated against Artyushin under  of Article 128.1 §2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to the applicant, the acting chairman of Berezki, Igor Orlov, his opponent has posted defaming publications about his jewelry-making business.

By the way, in January 2018, the criminal case of a large-scale fraud was reclassified as an article about misappropriation and embezzlement on a particularly large scale. The punitive measures are similar, but in the process of investigation the amount of damage increased.

Investigators believe that, when the chairman of the cooperative, Artyushin transferred 10 million rubles to the settlement account of his individual enterprise and disposed of the funds at his own discretion. And in May 2016, he took another 5 million rubles from the cooperative fund.

In December 2017, shortly before forced emigration, another criminal case, on threat of homicide, was opened against Artyushin. Allegedly, he threatened Orlov.


- What do you want, Vladimir Stepanovich?

- I want to kill you.

- Really?

- Yes, right now, ok?


- Recording?

- Recording.

- Well, do record, bastard. I will kill you when you don’t record.

In July of this year, Artyushin also wanted to be seen in the Vsevolozhsk District Court as accused of causing light injury to one of the members of the cooperative.

Thus, the reasons for the pursuit of the runaway merchant went beyond the scope of his economic activities.

The 47news contacted Alexander Yudin, a lawyer who repeatedly represented Artyushin in court. He declined to comment, but acknowledged that he was in touch with the client and did not refuse to give the correspondent’s phone number to the businessman.

Certainly, there is a contradiction, but it once again confirms the profanity of the seemingly good idea of the so-called ‘Titov’s list’, and indeed this very nomenclature position of the ombudsman for businessmen. As time shows, entrepreneurs who have happily escaped or, to be more exact, who flew from criminal prosecutions in their homeland, are not at all eager to return to their homeland, and they are right. Since the ‘Titov’s list’ lacks the most important legal definition in this case, i.e. procedural status. Therefore, there is not and cannot be any procedural guarantees for the persecuted person upon return to Russia, except for Boris Titov’s word of honor. And it is obviously not enough, neither for a person accused of an economic crime, nor for a person accused of common crimes. So, we would better listen to our lawyer in the first place, not ombudsmen,’ Konstantin Dobrynin, a senior partner of the Pen & Paper Attorneys-at-Law, commented the situation for 47news.

Konstantin Dobrynin, advocate, senior partner of Pen & Paper 

Nikita Dedkov