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Konstantin Dobrynin’s commentary on liability for Sergey Shnurov’s profanities

Sergey Shnurov was not fined for obscene language he used during a battle with rapper Noize MC, which was held at СSKA Arena stadium in Moscow last Saturday. The artist's lawyer Konstantin Dobrynin shared this information on November 25.

‘An administrative offence protocol was drawn up against him under art. 20.1 part 1 of the Code of Administrative Offences (Petty hooliganism) which is only the initial stage of an administrative offence case,’ Mr. Dobrynin explains. According to him, as the protocol was being drawn up, Sergey Shnurov explained that the use of vocabulary outside the norms of literary Russian language as such is not considered profanity, if the artist is not offending anyone and has no intention of doing so. To prove his point the artist submitted an expert linguist opinion.

The police will pass a decision on the case within two months.

‘We are certain that the allegation of petty hooliganism won’t be proven, as no hooliganism has taken place. What has taken place is art, namely poetry, regardless of whether someone likes it or not,’ Mr. Dobrynin added.

Ivan Alekseyev, also known as rapper Noize MC, earlier reported that a fine for profanity had been imposed following the show. The rap battle between Leningrad band and Noize MC was held at СSKA Arena in Moscow on November 23. One of the challenges was to perform Chizh and Co's song called ‘About Love’ in individual style. Leningrad won with the score 4:3.