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We are trusted

Ilim Group OJSC

“There are not many companies in the market with considerable practice and experience, and which are also well qualified with a Western mentality – yet Pen & Paper is undoubtedly one such firm. The future of legal practice lies with companies of this kind”

Zakhar Smushkin, Chair of the Board of Directors
Investment Company A1

We have known each other for a long time and even used to be opponents. We know their team as a smart, professional, tough and creative one. They also have no problems with the sense of humour and that is really cool. But what makes Pen & Paper especially valuable is that senior partners are involved even in ordinary schemes. This is a rarity in the legal market now.

Alexander Vinokurov, President
JSC SIA International Ltd

An adequate approach to their duties. They don't claim to be wizards, but, what is important, they are definitely not story-tellers.

Denis Afanasov, Legal Department Director
под логотипом Чемберс [ожидает перевода]

"They worked very efficiently and were eager to help and provide the client with the best possible service under immense time pressure." Another source adds: "We liked the clear focus 

"They always react quickly and respond to our questions, even outside work hours. They examine things from every angle."

«with sources saying that "Having a WCC and a commercial disputes practice is really beneficial." 

«Clients also appreciate the teams's creativity and ability to assist with a strategy of handling cases».



St. Petersburg online newspaper

“P&P has combined the flair of foreign lawyers with the best examples of domestic legal practice, and has become a firm. ‘Firm’ is the highest mark of quality for those born in Russia. This firm was made in St. Petersburg”

Editor-in-chief Aleksandr Gorshkov

When the SPID.CENTER website was launched, Pen & Paper were the first to provide assistance, devoting their New Year gift budget to the development and design of the website. We are now collaborating on legislative amendments involving people living with HIV. Life would be a lot more difficult without Pen & Paper.

Anton Krasovsky, founder of the SPID.CENTER website

When Orthodox Christian activists filed a legal action against Kseniya Sobchak with the Russian Investigative Committee, our friends Konstantin Dobrynin and Valery Zinchenko immediately offered their assistance. Within a couple of days they had prepared counterclaims and sent inquiries to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office. Within a week it became clear that our problem had been resolved.

Lika Kremer, editor-in-chief of the website
The Smile of a Rainbow

Young. Quick. Creative. Tenacious. Hard-working. Able to stick to their guns. Solutions which are at times unexpected, but effective.

Andrey Evgenievich Trubitsyn, Director

“Objective discussion. An objective approach. Solutions that meet the set requirements and more. Not cheap, but no frills”.

Viktor Nikolaevich Gordyeichuk, 

“The merging of two companies is never a straightforward process. Each contractual detail requires extensive refinement, and each step can cost either party millions of dollars. This was the case for us with Technosila. Yet, working with Pen & Paper, we became convinced that all these difficulties are surmountable and that each party could therefore achieve what it wants.

Viktor Nikolaevich Gordyeichuk, proprietor