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Acquittal of wrongfully accused

We successfully defended the former chief physician of a clinical hospital during the pre-investigative and judicial investigation stage.

Our client stood accused by the Main Russian Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for St. Petersburg, under Part 1, Article 286 of the Russian Criminal Code, of abusing his position during an open tender.

The Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg acquitted the accused. According to statistics, the Russian courts grant acquittals in just 0,7% of all cases investigated.

Acquittal of wrongfully accused

Our lawyers have a portfolio of successful criminal cases under the pro bono project: one such criminal case was against the minor N. Leontiev, accused of robbery (under Article 161 of the Russian Criminal Code).

 The teenager was detained by police officers under suspicion of robbery. During his questioning at the police station, Leontiev sustained multiple injuries as a result of which lost consciousness and died.

The lawyers represented the teenager’s mother in the preliminary and judicial investigations. N. Leontiev was acquitted of involvement in the crime.

The victim’s lawyers initiated a second criminal case simultaneously, this time against the police officers involved in the detention and murder of N. Leontiev. The case was instigated under corpus delicti, as stipulated under Part 4, Article 111 of the Russian Criminal Code (malicious, grievous bodily harm leading to the death of the victim through negligence). The case culminated in the sentencing of the police officers to6.5 and 9 years’ imprisonment, with RUB 2,500,000 paid in moral damages.