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Judicial protection of the interests of the city of St. Petersburg during disputes over the construction of “Gazprom Arena” stadium

Legal representation of interests of the city of Saint Petersburg regarding the construction of “Gazprom Arena” stadium for more than three years: handling court hearings up to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, as well as developing a common strategy for legal protection and recovery of a large debt from the contractors who violated their obligations, and state contracts with whom were terminated.

Ensuring the Client’s interests during acquisition of large assets

The Seller's rights to a large commercial real estate in the center of St. Petersburg were challenged by a state body.

Owing to the complex structure of counterparty’s transaction warranty obligations developed by the Firm, the state body refused to appeal the court rulings on the Seller’s declaration of title to the facility, and the Client managed to exercise its rights to the facility.

Protection of the interests of one of the oldest commercial enterprises of St. Petersburg in challenging real estate transactions

Due to the legal work of the Firm, the Client managed to retain its the lease rights to a commercial real estate in the downtown St. Petersburg with an area of over 70,000 m2, the contract in respect of which was concluded more than ten years ago at preferential rental rates.

Legal support of a new retail chain entering the Russian market

Legal audit (31 due diligence procedures conducted) of the land plots; full preparation of transactions for acquisition of 15 land plots. Comprehensive legal support of all activities related to the construction of hypermarkets of the retail chain.

Largely due to the counseling on coordination of construction approvals, as well as negotiations with representatives of the government representatives, a statutory act to regulate the procedure in which a constituent entity of the Russian Federation approves construction near an airport was adopted.