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Support for the acquisition of the largest underwear retailer in Russia and Ukraine

Our client acquired a retail chain with 300 stores under insolvency proceedings.

During the project, our team of lawyers provided support with the conclusion of deals for the client’s acquisition of assets and the development of a new business model. We also helped create a corporate structure for a new holding company, optimising it to suit the client, and protected the client’s interests in the court proceedings involving the bankrupt retail chain.

Construction of an add-on for the corporate structure of an online retailer

As part of project implementation, Pen & Paper lawyers supplemented their client’s corporate structure covering several jurisdictions, and offered civil-law instruments to enable a new kind of interaction for the various elements of the proposed structure, the aim being to minimise criminal, administrative and civil legal risks for the client’s management.

Support for an M&A deal with a complex procedure for the investor to replace a client

Our client reached an agreement with its partners on its withdrawal from the business. However, without other sources of revenue the deal could go ahead only if an investor was brought in to replace the client gradually. The deal was further complicated by the business being dependent on the client’s competences.

The team of lawyers at Pen & Paper therefore established a procedure for the client’s gradual departure from the business, while also ensuring that the client would receive the due payment.