Viktor Gutov


The first life feelings are the strongest. The Pen is not exception too.

1959. Austere and even ascetic soviet school. Brown parquet somewhere already swollen. Blackboard. Black desks with holes of inkpots at the upper edges of them. Violet ink. Notebook ruled inside with big slanting cross-lines. And as the culmination of carefree childhood here is the Pen itself. Wooden and glossy gripe of the greenish pen with metallic nib holder made of thin slick tin, and the nib itself, of a roundish and keen, wasp-like figured form, with the cut in the middle and split stinger.

Calligraphy lesson. Copy-book with the models of a particular letters.

When dipped into inkpot the nib is knocking its bottom dolefully. Big greasy drop trembles and sways at the nib and strives to drop in a moment onto the desk merely within its way to the copy-book.

Utter skill and great trouble is to keep it and bring it to the copy-book. And much more trouble is to write three or four letters with this drop on the nib. A bit of pressure - and the split nib draws heavy line. Less pressure - and you get so-called "hairy" line. Inky fingers tremble through the stress and sense of responsibility.

But suddenly the nib creaks gibingly and pulls out such a yellowish woody and saw-dust tiny inclusion hidden in fluffy paper, and drags it along the text. The whole beauty and aesthetics of the writing gained with hard efforts is disfigured and nullified. Corrections are merely impossible!

Coming "C" breaks down all the hopes for visit to the cinema and for the penknife promised by parents for the yard game with big boys.

Since then I have held many pens. Finally, all of them were deprived of their usual assignment, surrendered to the computers attack, and were substituted by even keyboards and mousses.

Life is updated constantly and inevitably.


Born in 1952 in Leningrad.

In 1975 on the basis of economic higher education graduated from Riga special School of militia.

Within 1975-1990 - public service at Ministry of Internal Affairs, departments of socialist ownership stealage struggle and criminal investigation.

From 1990 till 2002 - cofounder and vice general director of law firm "Votum".

Provided for legal support of major industrial structures, public institutions and organizations commercial activity (production association: "Russky Diesel", Petrodvortsovy watchmaker factory, Leningradsky steel rolling factory, scientific production association "Ceramics", CJSC "Sovmortrans", State Hermitage), as well as judicial support of privatization of National Production association "Electroncomplex", Joint Enterprise at Design and Engineering Bureau under Ministry of Fish Industry, Lomonosovsky auto repair factory.

In 2002-2008 - head of department of economic and legal tasks operative development within Legal Department of timber corporation CJSC "Ilim Pulp Enterprises".

Has been directly involved in corporate dispute between CJSC "Ilim Pulp Enterprises" and "Base Element" on possession of titles to Bratsky, Ust-Ilimsky and Kotlassky Pulp and Paper Mill. Developed systematized documentation within ad hoc work group for legal settlement of the corporate dispute.

Within 2008 - head of corporate disputes department at law firm "Green Corridor".

Participated within settlement of dispute between Finnish company "Containerships" (its Russian subsidiary "Moby Dick") and Administration of Federal Government Enterprise "Administration of Committee for Land Resources of Rosstroy".

Specialization: conflict situations economic and legal analysis, comprehensive elaboration and implementation of legal position within legal trials and negotiations handling, planning of organizational and legal measures within major projects.

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