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High-profile restorers' case. Petersburg swindlers - where and how do they live? Fifth channel, 9 June 2018

A new drama is being performed in the famous BDT. This time it has little to do with traditional theatrical performances. Emotions are running high around finances. 

It is all about 60 millions which are supposed to have been spent on reconstruction. In fact, the troupe is sure that the construction company has stolen an enormous sum of money. The names of the businessmen are well known. Most of them have already figured it the high-profile restorers' case. Arthur Lomidze is sure that new episodes will soon emerge in this case. 

After the reconstruction the Bolshoy Drama Theatre named after Tovstonogov gladdens everyone except its leadership. Artistic director Andrey Mogutchy with the help of his advocates has been trying to prove for four years since the commissioning that the work worth 60 millions has not been done. 

The advocates carried out their own inquiry and managed to secure the institution of a criminal case. Unknown persons from the firm "BaltStroy" appear to be defenders. This name may seem familiar to workers of culture and criminal news viewers. The company has been getting the most profitable state commissions for reconstruction of cultural heritage sites since 2012. But high-profile arrests happened in 2016. Thus the "restorers' case" came into existence. 

The former deputy minister of Culture tries to hide his face from television cameras. It was he and the "BaltStroy" leadership who arranged the scheme for stealing the state money during the restoration of historical buildings. Their "account" contains the unfinished Hermitage storehouse with 100 million losses, the President's residence in Novogireevo - 220 millions stolen, the Izborsk fortress - the undone work worth 100 millions. The list can be extended. Its complete version with all sites of the "ill builders'' is in public domain on the Internet. 

The officials have been already convicted. Two businessmen, top-managers of the construction company were given suspended sentences. But director Dmitry Sergeyev was detained again just in the court room. He was charged with another theft. His companion, the "BaltStroy" manager Alexander Kotchenov, as it is reported by some mass media, has given a written undertaking not to leave and is anticipating a new sentence as well.