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Conflict on the stadium. Vedomosti, 7th September 2016

Representatives of arbitration and the city administration report that the Committee on Construction of Saint-Petersburg brought three suits against the structures of the Transstroy corporation to the Arbitration Tribunal of SPb and Leningrad region. "Lawsuits against the former general constructor of the stadium are brought in order to confirm the ground for unilateral breaking of the contracts," - says Valery Zinchenko from Pen & Paper(represents interests of administration).

In July Smolny unilaterally broke three 24.5 billion rouble contracts with the Transstroy structures to build a stadium. The explanation was: slow pace of the construction and its low quality. In the end of August Transstroy brought suits against the administration which challenge breaking of the contracts. The hearing is due in October. Transstroy also tries to exclude its "daughters" from the list of unreliable supplies.