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Advocate of Utchitel believes that football fans were involved in the conflict with "Matilda" by Poklonskaya. "Komsomolskaya Pravda", 26 July 2017

He complained to Vitaly Mutko about the actions of the football fans who unfolded slogans "Utchitel, hands off the Russian Tsar!"

Confrontation between the MP and the famous film director is going on. The closer the premiere of "Matilda" is (due to take place in autumn 2017), the higher emotions are running.

Natalia Poklonskaya must have set a goal to ban the film of Aleksey Utchitel. In her opinion this film about love between Nikolas l and a ballet dancer Matilda Kshesinskaya is an insult to the feelings of the orthodox believers.

There have already been expert examinations, statements by Poklonskaya that the part of the tsar was played by the "German porno-actor", checkups of the director's film studio "Rock" in order to reveal tax evasion, 100 thousand signatures collected against the Utchitel's film. In the middle of July football fans also joined the conflict.

Football fans unfolded placards with slogans "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland ! Utchitel, hands off the Russian Tsar !" during the match Spartak vs Locomotive for the Super Cup of Russia on the crowded stadium in Moscow. Natalia Poklonskaya wrote in the Facebook that she hadn't attended the match but received photos of slogans from the fans. The MP published those photos and her praises of the fans.

The defense of Aleksey Utchitel paid attention to the actions of the football fans. The director's advocate, Senior Partner of Attorneys at Law Pen & Paper Konstantin Dobrynin made an official complaint addressed to the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko.

The defender found a disciplinary offense in the actions of the football fans and requested the Minister of Sports and the President of the RFU to initiate disciplinary proceedings.

In his letter to Vitaly Mutko Konstantin Dobrynin with reference to numerous publications in mass media on that issue, underlines: "It is the fist time in the world when football "ultras" act as film critics. The fact that fans of both rival clubs simultaneously displayed placards with absolutely identical content (shape, size, fount, etc.) having nothing in common with football, draws special attention".

The advocate gives suppositions of the authors of the publications that it was a "contract, discriminatory, insulting, racist campaign against Aleksey Utchitel and his film". Approval of the incident in social network by Poklonskaya is the indirect proof of that conclusion.

The advocate believes that placards "For Faith, Tsar and Fatherland ! Utchitel, hands off the Russian Tsar !" "bear signs of ideological, political and religious propaganda" and thus fans publicly expressed their views.

In his appeal Konstantin Dobrynin makes a reference to the Disciplinary Regulations of the RFU and asks " to estimate not only the behaviour of those who displayed discriminating and nazi placards, but also of the ones who organized, stirred up and assisted", to take the case under personal control and inform about the results.

- Poklonskaya either has forgotten or doesn't know a simple postulate that sport is out of politics. Nevertheless, her ignorance does not set her free from responsibility, at least a moral one, for the escalation of this conflict. Besides, there are also some dull legal questions to her, the existence of which is probably beyond her knowledge. Still, she will have to answer, - stated Konstantin Dobrynin to the "KP"

Julia Khozhateleva